bandaged wound

Grief is like any other deep wound.

First it is open, exposed, gaping and painful.  You try to cover it or protect it as best as you can.

But it doesn’t really heal and disappear, it just scabs over with time.  The scab is crusty and ugly…and if we pick at it, the wound is easily re-opened.

Then, whether you leave it alone and wait for it to heal, or go through a series of picking/re-opening/scabbing over cycles…eventually all you have left is a scar.  But that part of you never goes back to how it used to be, all unblemished and smooth.  It is forever changed.

You never forget.


Apple Shape

Fashion doesn’t love me.  I am petite but also an apple shape.

I am a crabapple.

end youth homelessness

Instead of yelling at a homeless youth to “get a job”, why not offer them one?

I hate it when the elephant in the room…is me.

dot dot dot

I keep trying to text “love”

and it keeps accidentally typing “live”…

and then I realize it’s the same thing.

marilyn monroe reading in bed

An introvert’s favorite words to hear are:
“Ok, let’s go home”


You can’t move forward without leaving something behind.