Here is a handy tip for raising children: Be the kind of person you want your child to become.

Far too often we screw up or make horrid choices as adults, then pray the same fate does not befall our children.  It’s common to hear people groan at their past romantic relationships and say “I hope my daughters have better luck with men than I did”…or come home cranky every day from work and then tell their sons to “find a career you enjoy”.

We figure that we may have screwed up, but maybe our kids won’t.

The thing is, children do not see us as screwed up – at least, not at first.

They think that once you reach adulthood, you have knowledge, power, freedom, money and wisdom.  They pay attention to you very carefully, studying how an “adult” behaves, since it is their sincere goal to become one in the future.

If you want your kids to be smart about money, develop healthy relationships and walk a life path that is fulfilling, SHOW THEM HOW.  Do it yourself.

If you don’t know how, then learn.  Talk to people who seem to know the answers.  Take classes.  Read books.  Do research.  Remember my last post?   Learn as much as you can, then teach as much as you can.  Be the kind of adult you want your children to become.