I mean really, it’s pretty rude.

If you look around you, I would guess there are some things you could be grateful for…no matter how small.

If you can’t see them, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Sometimes our gratitude is simple:

  • Have all of my 5 senses
  • Born in this beautiful country
  • Chocolate exists
  • (whatever you can think of)

The trouble is, everyone seems to be asking for MORE.

“Please let me win the lottery”

“I wish I could lose 15 more pounds / have that car / get that job / find my true love / have more iThings…”

“Please God send me XYZ…”

People are wishing for more…..and don’t appreciate what they were already given.

We all know how frustrating Christmas can be when kids ask for more toys yet they don’t appreciate the ones we gave them last year.

Why should God give you more…if you don’t appreciate what He already gave you?

For a little while, stop asking Him for more.

Stop, look around you, and seek out those things….those gifts that you have already been given….that you maybe have been neglecting.  Maybe you never really noticed they were gifts.

Maybe it is a smile or kindness from a stranger.

Maybe it is your family, your friends, or your individual strengths and talents.

Maybe it is your community, your city or country.

Maybe it is simply the fact that you are still alive right now, still able to look around, breathe the air, see the sky, learn, teach and love.

Until you recognize and truly appreciate the gifts you have already been given, you shouldn’t be asking for more.

So there!