Just find joy in movement.

Not everyone is made to run marathons or become a bodybuilder or get a rush out of a one hour spin class (shudder).

Some of us need to exercise but struggle with it.  Maybe we were never quite coordinated enough to run and kick a ball at the same time.  Maybe we were tormented in gym class growing up.  Maybe we had poor spatial skills from the get-go.

Whatever the reason, some of us never made peace with sports and exercise.

Some of us battle with our weight and know that in order to be healthy we need to exercise.  But it is just so damn hard sometimes.

For those of you who have found something active that just gets you all revved up and you love doing it for hours every week, good for you.  You will probably be able to enjoy exercise into your later years.

For the rest of us, I have a challenge:

Don’t obsess over the word “exercise”.  Don’t think that you need to find joy and bliss in going to a gym or lifting weights or cardio classes.

Instead, look for joy in any kind of movement.  There must be a few things that involve moving around that you might not think of as “exercise”….can you do a little bit every day?  Maybe do a lot from time to time?  Just get moving.

I love to dance.  I love being on a dance floor for hours and doing my best to look coordinated.  I don’t like having to do it in a bar, all dressed up, surrounded by alcohol and stepped-on toes and pick-up lines.  So I dance in my house.  Sometimes while jumping on a mini trampoline (good for the lymphatic system), sometimes while cleaning, sometimes just because there is really good music on.

It never feels like “exercise” because I do it willingly and with obviously no care for what I look like (others may have described my moves as ‘spastic hippie’).

I may not log hours at a gym, but at least I have found a way to keep my body moving and sending out happy endorphins at the same time.

Do you have trouble figuring out your source of joyful movement?  Ask yourself: What physical activities did I love as a kid?  Riding my bike?  Baseball?  Playing Tag?  Exploring the neighbourhood over long walks?

Think back, make a list, then try them – one by one.

You will find joy in movement again – without stressing about planks, crunches or squats.

Let me know if this works for you!