Sure it makes for a good Christmas song, but the truth is that some people (maybe even you) think they are HAPPY when in reality they are just COMFORTABLE.  There is a difference.

It is very comfortable to sit on the couch every night and watch hours of television or play hours of video games.

It is comfortable to stick with the same routine every day.

It is comfortable to not question whether you have real joy in your life….and if you are making yourself proud.

We know when we are uncomfortable….and we definitely know how to complain if that is the case.  If we are obviously unhappy in our work or marriage or friendships or daily life, we are very likely to complain about it: when someone asks “How’s it going?” we either reply with “Meh” or start on a tirade about whatever is upsetting us.

Others are so comfortable they are actually numb.  They don’t feel alive.  But since they aren’t fighting with their spouse or living in a homeless shelter or unemployed, they tell themselves that everything is good.  That they are happy.

Ask yourself…are you living a life of joy or simply comfort?

Are there things that you are missing in your life, or activities/friends that used to bring you joy but are no longer present?

Do you feel that the future you will look back and be proud of present you?

I am not saying that we need to move to a place that is uncomfortable.  I am saying that we should always be moving to a place where our life brings us joy – be it through activities, hobbies, relationships, pets, giving back to the community, spending time in nature, making healthy choices, or exploring those things we are passionate about.

This is what makes life wonderful.

Aim for both – comfort AND joy.