When you take a risk – any risk – you lose the right to get angry or upset when it doesn’t go your way.  You have to accept it.

People get so angry when they:

get caught drinking and driving then lose their license…

cheat on their significant other….get found out….and their partner leaves because of it…..

gamble money and lose it all…

break the law then get arrested…

screw around (in any way) at work then get fired…

screw around (in THAT WAY) and catch a Sexually Transmitted Infection…

and so on.

We see it all of the time, where someone is ranting about how they “didn’t mean to hurt so-and-so” or the “police have it in for them” or “it wasn’t their fault”.

However when we really examine what happened, we see that at some point, a risk was taken.

Of course, we never think that the negative consequence will happen, we always see the immediate gratification.  We think nothing bad can happen to us or those we love.  We often don’t think of consequences at all.

But we should.

Although it can be difficult, sometimes we need to stop ourselves (or others) in the middle of their excitement and “fun” and do a real life risk assessment.

1) If I go along with this, could it go badly?

2) Knowing it could possibly go badly and possibly have life long consequences (especially if that risk is death, paralysis, losing employment, losing a spouse or a child, etc), am I okay with that?

3) Knowing I am choosing to take this risk, I cannot in good conscience lash out at anyone or make anyone else’s life miserable if things do, indeed go badly.

There you go.  Becoming a grown-up is all about learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.  The best scenario of all – not to make the mistake in the first place.

And if we do take that risk….and it turns out badly….we have to sigh and say “Well, I took a chance.  I’ll take the consequences.”

Maybe we’ll do better next time.