There are few places in the world that are both very exciting and very sad at the same time.

Casinos are just such a place.

Some of the patrons are there to have fun, take a few chances and hopefully walk away a winner.  But if they don’t, they don’t stress about it.

These are not necessarily rich people – they are just people who knew how much they were allowed to “play” with, and they knew there was the possibility they would lose it.  Either way, they had a good time.  They knew there was a chance they could lose it all in 5 minutes…and they agreed that whenever it was gone, they would walk away.

This can be done with $10 or $100…..only you can can set the amount.

Just remember, you are choosing to “play” with it.

Some people sit in a casino/bingo hall/poker room surrounded by a bubble of desperation.  They think they will “make” money.  They need the extra money desperately.  They probably cannot afford to lose any of it.

Perhaps they won “big” once and they carry that day in their heads like a lucky talisman…but it doesn’t matter.  They are gambling for all the wrong reasons.  They don’t see how their attitude about gambling is hurting them.

If you are struggling with your finances, you cannot afford to PLAY with them.

If you get your paycheck and go right to the casino because you want to try and get more money….then lose it all in a matter of hours or minutes….was it worth it?  Couldn’t you have done so much more by just keeping that paycheck, budgeting and trying to find other logical ways to make ends meet?

Wouldn’t you feel much better about yourself if you did?

When you gamble to make money, you link all your emotions to the outcome.  You are attaching your hopes to something that is completely unpredictable.  How fair is that?

Aren’t you setting yourself up for some extreme disappointment, regret and shame?

Feeling ashamed sucks.

It feels even worse when we have other people who are relying on us to be smart with our money (spouses, children, roommates, landlords, etc.).

If you really need the money, don’t leave it to chance.

There must be a smarter way you can make more – and keep your soul intact.