The only time love should hurt is when you are experiencing growing pains.

Being in love with someone should feel easy, natural, comfortable and yet joyful.

You should support each other in your passions, interests and dreams.

You should both be caring, kind, responsible, accountable and flexible.

And you should encourage each others’ growth.

Sometimes this can be difficult – sometimes it means the two of you (or the whole family) must step outside of the comfort zone to lift one person up to the next step of their journey.  Sometimes as people grow they change a little – hopefully to become more confident, positive, healthy and alive!

We need to be ready for that.

Hopefully they will not change who they are inside – becoming arrogant, selfish, materialistic or egotistical.  Chances are, if you are in a loving relationship with someone who is a good person on the inside, they will want to stay that way.

If you are in a relationship with someone who already had a little bit (or a lot) of selfishness, ego, entitlement, or meanness….it might be increased.  And if so – do you really want to stay with that kind of person?

Note to self: Life is much easier when you are in love with someone who is kind.

It shouldn’t hurt to be in love.

Life can be very hard already.  Loving someone should be your way of finding joy in your life and in the world.  Finding peace.

I’m not saying that everything about being in a relationship is easy.  It is a challenge sometimes, but a good challenge.

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”   – David Viscott