If you can accept this going into marriage – you will be ahead of the game.

It can be really tough for some people to go from being independent, living alone, having all of their own “stuff”, coming and going as they please, cooking/eating whatever they want and having their own friends…to sharing.  It is a concept that we all learn in kindergarten but it can be easy to forget.

Many divorces are caused by people who don’t want to share with their partner:

  • they keep their finances a secret (especially debts)
  • they withdraw and don’t share their thoughts, feelings and fears
  • they don’t want to help with chores around the house
  • they don’t want to participate in discipline, play or other child-rearing activities
  • they take risks that can jeopardize the union – because they still see themselves as being “independent”.

When you marry someone, you agree to share a life with them – from that day forward.

You agree that some parts of your old life will be left behind in order to make the new life work.

You agree to stand side by side, hold hands and walk together towards whatever you encounter on the road ahead.

You agree to share what you have, what you get and who you are.

If you are not yet ready to do that…..you aren’t ready for marriage.


If you can get past the tougher side of sharing, you will realize it is also the most glorious and fulfilling part of being married.

There is great joy in sharing…

…coming home and sharing stories of your day, your fears and embarrassments, your hopes and dreams

…sharing experiences (travelling together, raising children, etc.)

…dividing up the household chores so that neither person is burdened with it all

…having a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to and a friend to laugh with

…someone to hold your hand as you walk through life – no matter where it leads.

Sometimes the moments that feed my soul the most are just sitting curled up on the couch with my spouse – feeling loved, needed and completely at peace.

Sharing a quiet moment together.

Sharing a life, one wonderful moment at a time.