Write down your current worry on one page, starting with “What if…..?”

Examples: “What if I lose my job?” / “What if they don’t like me?” / “What if that mole is something serious?”

Now sit down and think it through, then answer the question.  How would you handle it?  Plan for the most positive, responsible and mature course of action.

Then close the book and get back to your life.

Note: if you have multiple worries, or seem to always come up with a new thing to worry about, that is okay.  The journal probably has a lot of pages.

Over time, you might start to see a pattern – your go-to response might be “seek advice from _______” or “look for the positive in the situation” or “bear down and get through it, get over it and get on with it”.

You will slowly find it easier and easier to think of ways to handle potentially negative situations.  You will build resilience.

We can’t live our lives in fear and love at the same time.

If you are worried that future you will be blindsided by a particular unfortunate event, then you need to give future you a survival kit.  Your “What If” Journal can be a part of that kit.

Other tools for this survival kit may include:

  • An emergency financial fund that you have built up and is easy for you to access
  • First Aid training
  • Being fantastic at your job so you can either keep it longer or get a strong reference
  • Eating healthy food, getting regular exercise and laughing at least once a day
  • A strong support network of friends and family
  • Confidence in yourself, the ability to be grateful for the little things and the desire to learn from every experience that comes your way

Worrying is like a rocking chair – it keeps us busy, but doesn’t get us anywhere.

Go start your journal as soon as possible.  Future you may depend on it.