Think you might be “addicted” to something?

Or have people indicated they are concerned about you, but you don’t think it is a big deal?

Test yourself.

Try to go three straight days without it, whatever it is.

And I mean 100% without it.

If your “potential” addiction is smoking, you can’t touch them…..and you can’t take a puff from someone else’s smoke and tell yourself it “wasn’t yours”.  If your potential addiction involves the internet (shopping, porn, social media, whatever), then you can’t go on the web AT ALL.  If your job absolutely requires you to access the internet, you can only visit work-related sites.  If your potential addiction involves drinking or drug use (with the exception of a prescription you are advised by medical professionals that you need to take every day), then you can’t have any.  If you think you are addicted to “food”, it probably includes a certain class of food that is unhealthy.  You can only eat healthy food (lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, water or tea, whole grains) and in reasonable amounts.

Whatever your “addiction”, stay away for three days.  Completely.

If it isn’t air, water or healthy food, you should be able to go for three days without it and survive.

Freaked out yet?

It is that simple.  If you can’t go for three days without it, you have a problem.  Get help.

If you made it through the three days but it was an incredible struggle and you thought about it constantly, you still have a problem.  Talk to someone.

Ask yourself:

“When did I start this?

What hole or need was I trying to fill?

Did someone teach me that acting this way was ‘okay’?

If I don’t do this anymore, what can I do instead that will still make me feel good AND be good for my mental/physical health?”

It might take time, but you know you have to do this.

As they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

The next step is up to you.