When deciding between two activities, remember this rule: choose people over events.

We will often find ourselves debating between two scenarios.  If one of the two choices will benefit someone you care about, that will always be the better choice.  It might not be the most fun or glamorous choice, but it is the best one.

EXAMPLE #1: your child’s boring band concert that will no doubt make your ears bleed VS. your favorite band is in town

CHOOSE NUMBER 1.  Award yourself bonus points if you give your child recognition afterwards (flowers for girls, high five for boys, hug for both).

EXAMPLE #2: One friend wants to go shopping VS. another friend who is having a tough time wants to meet for coffee

CHOOSE NUMBER 2.  Maybe you miss out on a sale.  Big deal.  A coffee chat will save you money AND add to your good karma.

EXAMPLE #3: There is an amazing seat sale to a great vacation spot VS. your sweet grandmother’s 80th birthday party (that same weekend) where you are convinced nobody will notice if you aren’t there

CHOOSE NUMBER 2.  Be a good person.  This is your grandmother’s life and she won’t have many more special parties just for her.  The more people there are in the room that day, smiling at her, telling her how great she looks, making her laugh, taking photos and reminiscing…the better.  Go there with the sole intention of making sure SHE has a wonderful time.  Ask her what lessons she has learned in this life, then really listen.  Hopefully in the long run you will see how this is better than a trip away.

Remember: choose people.

Now…..if you can somehow attend a great event with people you really care about….that is the BEST option!