Here is a quick test….

Picture yourself in the future, after having children.

It is an ordinary day in your life.

What is happening?  What scenarios spring to mind?

Does this mental picture make your heart swell with happiness?

Or does it tighten with stress and fear?

When you picture yourself on this “ordinary day”, do you picture yourself as happy or upset?

That might give you a clue to your true feelings.

When you think of being a parent in the future, do you imagine it as 80% joy and 20% work? 

Or 80% work and only 20% joy?

Remember that not everyone needs to become a parent, not everyone was meant to.

It should be a joyful choice that you go into with your eyes open.

If parenting is not for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad person or that you hate children.

You might end up being a fantastic aunt/uncle or community mentor for a child in need….you can still contribute to raising the next generation in a healthy and positive way!