This is very true.  More education can equal more opportunities, more respect and more money in your bank account.

Having knowledge based on life lessons and “informal” education can keep you safe, help you make better choices and can lead you to building better relationships.

Having knowledge about the law can keep you out of trouble.

Having knowledge of the human body and basic first aid can help keep you and others out of hospital.

Having knowledge about drugs, tobacco and alcohol can help you avoid a life-crippling addiction.

There are many instances where having knowledge can be very powerful.

However, when they say “With great power comes great responsibility”, they are right.

What you do with that knowledge may be just as important.

If someone entrusts you with a secret, having that knowledge can feel powerful…..and it may be tempting to share it with others.  Don’t, unless someones’ health or life is in danger.

The people with the most power are the ones who know all of the secrets….and keep them secret.