I hear that some of you out there still hate/discriminate against gay people. Let me help change that.

I know you think it is a choice, it isn’t ‘natural’ or that God disapproves.

Let me clear things up for you.

First of all, people don’t wake up one day and “decide” to be gay.  As a group that has been historically ostracized, bullied, attacked, discriminated against or worse, it seems ridiculous to think that it would be a choice.  If it was truly a choice, wouldn’t everyone take the easier route and “choose” to be straight?  Tell me why they would “choose” to be gay.  I’ll bet you can’t.

So stop telling people that is your justification for discrimination.  It makes you look ridiculous.

If you took the time to talk to a real, live gay person you would probably hear that they always knew they were different, that the realization happened gradually or that (if bisexual) they never really discriminated against men or women when falling in love – they were able to feel a deep and soulful romantic connection with either gender.

Next you say that it isn’t ‘natural’.  Why was that again?

Sure, two members of the same sex cannot procreate.  So what?  We don’t need to be procreating exponentially until we run out of room on the planet.  Not all heterosexual couples are able to procreate either, for various reasons.  Do you consider them ‘unnatural’?

We know that when we look back into history there have always been gay people within the general population – however most of the time they were not accepted by society.  Sometimes the only ones who felt comfortable being open about their sexuality were artists, musicians, writers and actors.  But even they needed to be wary and surround themselves with friends and allies who would keep them safe.

Historically many gay people have had to lead lives that society accepted but which killed their spirit.  Imagine living every day pretending to be someone else, because simply being yourself could get you punished, beaten or even killed.  Many gay people around the world still have to live that way – because of hateful people who don’t even know where their hate comes from.

The fact that gay people exist and that it is not a choice for them, leads me to believe that it has to be natural.  They were born this way and being honest about themselves feels more natural to them than “acting straight”.

You can also find extensive research in the animal kingdom where homosexual or bisexual relationships exist (including raising offspring together).  Is that not natural?

Tell me why you don’t think it is natural to be gay or even bisexual.

Does it feel ‘natural’ for you to be heterosexual?

Well they feel the same way.

For your third argument, you say that God disapproves of people being gay.

However if you admit that being gay is not a choice, then God must have made them that way.

And if it is ‘natural’ that they are gay and incidents of gay and bisexual relationships exist in NATURE then God must be okay with it.

You see, the God I was taught about is a God of Love.

A God who loves all living things and wants us to do the same.

A God who wants us to be kind, generous and loving towards each other.

You follow me?

Even in nature, when two individual genetic traits are combined (like A and B) there are three possible outcomes for pairing: AB, AA and BB.

So if God is a God of love, and there are two genders to choose from for pairing, I would assume that He would support all three expressions of love equally: man and woman, man and man, woman and woman.

Who cares which ones can actually procreate?  There will never be a shortage of children being born.

The more important question is: are the world’s children growing up learning how to love?

Stop thinking of gay people in terms of sex.  Focus on what this is really about: love.

Let them love who they were born to love.

What is more natural and beautiful than that?