Going through a tough time?

Don’t worry….as I said before, one day it will only be a memory.

But what can you do now?

Remember that you must go through three distinct phases – and each one is important.

GET THROUGH IT: Sometimes we cannot control the situation.  Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that it is happening, bear down and get through it.

We have to stay sharp and make smart decisions…or at least the best decisions possible.

If we have to experience emotional pain, we shouldn’t try to avoid it or numb it.  When it comes, we have to be brave, experience it,  let it wash over us and through us.

We have to remind ourselves that this will not last forever.

GET OVER IT: Once things start to calm down and there is a shift (either from some choice you made or because it happened naturally over time), you need to be honest with yourself.

Acknowledge what happened and what you have learned from it.

Do not revisit it over and over in your mind, wishing things had gone differently.  Wishing you had said different things, done different things.

I know “get over it” seems harsh, but it does not mean “forget it happened”.

What I mean is: learn from it and give yourself permission to take another step forward, then another step.  Do not settle into the pain or drama and become “comfortably uncomfortable”.  You are still here.  You are still breathing.  Time is still moving forward…..so should you.

GET ON WITH IT: After feeling the pain and learning from the pain, you need to choose your next direction and begin moving forward again.  Get some momentum, allow yourself to feel hope and peace and joy again.  Forgive yourself any bad choices you made along the way.  You did your best.  Keep going.

Get on with life.

As I keep saying, You will never be this young again.

None of us can avoid pain or sadness forever…but we can work to move through it, move past it and move on.