Within the next week, do at least one of the following:

1) Walk down the street with a pocket full of quarters…plug every parking meter that has expired or is close to expiring.

2) Fold up a $10 or $20 bill and carry it in your pocket.  Look for someone who seems to need it – a single mom in a grocery store stressed over the price of food, an elderly senior at a bus stop, a struggling student nursing a small coffee in a diner, etc.  Walk up to them, look them in the eye, give them a kind smile along with the folded bill and say “I think you dropped this”.  If they protest, be persistent (“No, I’m serious….I am pretty sure you dropped it”)….always smiling.  As soon as they take it, walk away.

3) Buy yourself the kind of flowers you WISH someone would buy you.  Put them somewhere you can see and smell them every day….desk at work, kitchen counter, breakfast table.  Make an effort to go look at them and smell them every day for as long as they last.

4) Go through your closet.  Anything that you have not worn in a year, toss it in a large bag.  Call a local youth or women’s shelter and ask if they take clean donated clothes.

5) Give yourself at least one compliment a day….in your own head….in a foreign accent.  Western accents will also be accepted (“M’aam, I reckon you have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.”)

Why not up the ante?  Try and do all 5 of them in the next 7 days.

I double dog dare you.