Yes, I mean “the talk”.  But not the whole talk.

When you teach kids truths about the world, especially sensitive topics, you have to do it in stages and make the information age-appropriate.

So if you have a daughter you know that you will have to brace her for the fact that at some point she will start having periods.

I know, you are squirming already.  If you are her mother, you should start having the talk with her at least a year before she reaches the age when you had your first period.

If you are her Dad…..well…..good luck.

I won’t walk you through all of the stages of “the talk”, but I will help you with the first part – how to explain what is essentially happening to her body.

But not in a gross way.

Here is what you say:

“Imagine a couple want to have a baby.  They have one room in their house that is dedicated to being a nursery.

Once they are really ready to have a baby, they begin the get the room ready in case a baby comes that month.

They decorate the room, paint it, put in furniture and get it all ready, just in case.

At the end of the month if no baby comes, they have to take it all down, pack it up and throw everything out.  This room had been prepared for this baby, and since this month’s baby didn’t come, they have to tear everything down.

The next month, they start prepping the room again for a different baby.

If a baby does come to them at some point, then they don’t destroy the nursery at the end of the month.  It stays as it is, keeping the baby warm and safe and happy until it is no longer needed.

Does that make sense?

Since you are a girl, your body is the same way.

At some point your body will decide it is ready to have babies, even if you aren’t.  And that is okay.

Every month your body will prepare a room (inside your body) for a baby.

If none comes that month, your body will take down all that it built and get rid of it.

And the next month, it will start getting the room ready again.

And don’t worry, a baby won’t magically show up, certain things have to happen for babies to be made.

I’ll tell you about those things another day”

…or if the girl is mature enough to move along in the story, you can do so.

When you get to those parts, try not to be too gross.

Because we both know….it’s kind of gross.

Um….yeah.  Good luck with that.