embryonic-cellsHere is a theory I would like you to discuss with people you know….

Some people who are seen as “normal” may have seemingly irrational fears, or at least fears that did not arise from a specific traumatic experience.

I, for instance, am deathly afraid of situations where I can potentially lose control and crash (skiing down a mountain, water sports, mountain biking)…even though I have never actually lost control and crashed.  But this fear is so strong it keeps me from trying new activities.  I consider that irrational.

Then there are some people who are seen as “cookoo for Cocoa Puffs” who firmly believe in ‘past lives’ and that through hypnosis or other means, they can revisit them.  Many of these people also believe the past lives are somehow still affecting them today.

You may be thinking….how are these connected?

Okay, bear with me here:

1) Truth: when we experience a traumatic event, our bodies are flooded with chemicals – telling us ‘fight or flight’.  This chemical flood can imprint onto our brain, essentially telling it to “remember” the experience so that we hopefully do not go through it again.  When children experience trauma (especially over a longer period of time) it can even affect their brain development.  This is also why Post Traumatic Strees Disorder exists – the brain and body are under such stress (short term or prolonged) that a person may stay on “high alert” watching for potential danger even if they are in safe situations.  Somewhere in the persons brain, a hard lesson has been learned….permanently.

2) Truth: some researchers believe that traumatic events and their effects can alter a person’s DNA (one source: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126637629)

3) Truth: although a woman is born with all of her eggs already made, a man’s sperm is constantly being made throughout his life, and therefore can undergo changes over time as cells replicate (one source: http://www.nature.com/news/fathers-bequeath-more-mutations-as-they-age-1.11247)

So knowing these three truths, I wondered….

What if there is more to DNA than we currently know?  What if DNA also can be imprinted with certain memories that were deemed as “important” for the brain to remember – as a matter of life and death?  We already know that instincts can transfer through DNA in animals (for example, migration routes for birds and butterflies).  So it’s not that far of a stretch.

If this was true….

…what if traumatic events could imprint the DNA across all of the cells in a body….including the sperm?

…and then that sperm would fertilize an egg, and that DNA blueprint could be passed down?

…and therefore…..their child (or even grand child, or great grandhcild) might develop fears that were imprinted in their DNA….that might seem irrational at the time?

…and since this DNA could be passed down for many generations….what if people believing they have “past lives” are actually only retrieving echoes of “memories” from a male family member who experienced trauma generations ago?

Does this make sense?  These are the kinds of strange things I think about when I lie awake at night.

Because when I start to go down this path, I then ask myself:

“What if every cell is actually like a computer chip that has a record of everything that person has gone through?

And thanks to cell replication, what if our cells just keep adding new information over and over again in real time…and that with every replication the “computer chip” has more data on it?

And what if each computer chip essentially has unlimited memory storage capacity?

And what if our current cells are so smart, they even have the blueprints and records from all of our generations of ancestors?

And if that would be true, that would mean that each individual cell in our body containing DNA would contain all the secrets of the universe…..going all the way back to the first cell?”

And if THAT was true, it would be pretty damn sad that these brilliant, practically omnipotent cells with all of the secrets of the universe would be at the mercy of my dumb self.

And at that point, I am usually exhausted, so I roll over and go to sleep.