So many people fear rejection.

But to imply someone will say “no” means you have asked that person a question.

If you have asked someone a question, it means you were not forcing them to do something.  It was not an order.

If it was not an order, it means you provided them with a choice.

“Yes or no”

“Now, or Later, or Never”

“Give your answer, or keep it to yourself”

…you get the idea.

Think about it…if you ask someone a question, you realize they have free will and the right to make whatever choice they want to.

Maybe their answer will be based on circumstances, the truth or simply how they are feeling at that moment.  But in reality, you gave them a choice.

There is no rule that says they HAVE to pick the answer you want.  If you put them in the position to choose, then you cannot be upset with the answer.

Does that make sense?

If you gave them a choice, you took the risk that it could go either way.

That is the joy and pain of taking risks…you have to go into them knowing that there are many different versions of what could happen next.  If you can’t handle the potential circumstances, you shouldn’t take the risk at all.  It is that simple.

So stop fearing rejection.

Boldly go forth and ask the hard questions.  Take some of those risks.

Just don’t bet all your happiness on an outcome that is not yours to choose.