Skinner rat with sign

You can’t tell by looking at them, but they walk among us. 

They are everywhere. 

Eager little job seekers who are hoping that HR won’t discriminate against them.  Hoping that you will focus on the fact that they have a post secondary education and ignore the fact that they are one of the many who earned…..a Psychology degree. 

Many seem to take this route even though they do not wish to work with children, youth or the elderly.  They had no idea of their future ambitions, but they saw a B.A. in Psych as one step above a degree in “General Studies”.

If you are in the position to hire someone, do not fear the Psychology degree….embrace it!  They just might be your secret weapon:

Marketing: A psych major has studied the behavior of both people and animals.  They can use this knowledge to anticipate how the average (or completely unstable) individual will react to an advertizing campaign, slogan or product.  They will know how to manipulate your audience into thinking that not only do they need your product or service…they are lesser people for not buying it.  They know how to conduct surveys, lead focus groups and study people’s reactions.  They are marketing Secret Weapons.

Retail: Psych majors know how people think and behave….they will know how to stage products, sell products and counsel consumers into making purchases.

Account Representatives: Who better to counsel, coddle, encourage, support and keep big accounts?  Someone who has studied counseling will best be able to make your clients feel appreciated and heard.  The rest of the job can be taught.

Administration and Customer Service: You already know they can create documents, respect deadlines, and organize information – they were able to pass their courses and get the degree.  What a Psych major can give you that the ordinary person cannot is the ability to resolve conflicts within the office, to calm a difficult client/customer, and to mediate at meetings.  Invaluable.

The list could go on and on….every job could benefit from someone with a background in Psychology.  They will know how to resolve conflicts between coworkers, counsel customers and provide support to clients.  They will know enough about human behavior to provide your workplace with suggestions on how to improve sales, increase revenue and retain staff.

The next time you see “Psychology Major” on a resume, grab your big yellow marker and highlight it

Put that resume to the top of the pile. 

That applicant may not be what you are looking for, but it might be what you need.