wedding rings

With all of the talk these days about “equal marriage”, I usually end up scratching my head.

I have heard people argue that marriage is meant for a man and woman to come together under God to create life.

And nothing else.

They argue that since this is the true purpose of marriage, then true marriage cannot be for same-sex couples….marriage is for making babies.


So let me get this straight –

(pun intended)

Marriage isn’t really about love, respect and a life long commitment to another adult….it is all about making babies.

And apparently, God doesn’t want it any other way?

What about heterosexual couples who discover they are infertile?  Should they never have gotten married?

If someone knows they cannot have biological children, should they be forbidden from getting married in the first place?

Should married couples only be permitted to have sex when they are actively trying to get pregnant?

And once a couple decides they do not wish to have more children…or the woman goes through menopause, are they forbidden from ever having sex again?  EVER?

I doubt that many of the people opposing same-sex marriage would agree to that rule for their own lives.

But if you asked them WHY NOT, they would probably say something about sex being a valuable part of marriage, a sacred and intimate bond, expression of their love, blah blah blah.

You see, they would probably NEVER agree to never have sex again.

But that is where the argument becomes confusing, because it states that sex and love do have a place in a marriage, even if pregnancy is not the goal.

And if that is true,

and if you allow heterosexual couples who cannot (or do not wish to) have children to get married,

and if there are committed, loving, stable, respectful same-sex couples out there who DO wish to bring children into this world and raise them,

then you cannot oppose same-sex marriage.

That’s just what I think.