bathroom stall

Women are funny.

They will go into a public washroom full of dread if they know they have to…you know…”drop a chalupa”.

They will wait as long as possible to avoid it, or cut their activities short just so they can leave and do their busines at home.

And if going home isn’t an option, they go to the washroom, silently praying nobody will see them enter, and nobody will be present when they get there.

You see, women are afraid to poop in public.

Whether they are focused on their own embarrassment or the embarrassment of others, they would just rather avoid to void in a public washroom.

They will use different tactics to stall their time in the stall…until everyone else leaves.  Open and close the tampon disposal.  Blow their nose.  Cough.

Most often, they will just sit in total silence.

And wait.

And clench.

Once everyone is gone, they will let it go.

The funniest scenario is when you have two women who happen to be in the same washroom at the same time, for the same purpose.

It is like a silent standoff – both women sitting quietly, waiting for the other person to leave.

This can go on for a very long time…to the point of becoming ridiculous…even though they both have come to realize they are there for the same reason.  It is like a game of chicken, often with one person giving up, doing a fake flush and leaving…unsatisfied.  It’s hilarious, yet totally absurd.

Here is my advice:

If you are a woman who needs to make a deposit at a public washroom, the solution is simple: as you are sitting, just lean back and “flush as you go“.  It will mask the noise, flush away any smell before it spreads, and is not embarrassing for anyone.  Even if you have to do a second flush before leaving that is okay…people expect to hear flushing in a washroom.

There you have it – wisdom to share with your friends and family.

Just maybe not around the dinner table.