alcoholicNobody seems to judge someone who takes pills every day for chronic physical pain, yet many do for someone who drinks every day to soothe chronic emotional pain.


Emotional pain can’t necessarily be cured with surgery or pills.***

It requires the sufferer to look directly into the darkness….address where the pain began and why it continues to hurt…why the pain exists.

That is hard.

Really freaking hard.

Not everyone knows how to do it, and sometimes the idea of addressing it seems more painful than what they are feeling now.

Sometimes it is impossible to get closure. Sometimes there is no justice. The onus is on the sufferer to do all of the work to try and relieve the pain….which is exhausting and scary.

It is much easier to drink.

Some songs say “I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all”.

That’s alright for some, but for others the hurt goes so deep it feels like it is in their DNA.  It feels as if has been passed down for generations.  It aches deep in their bones and their hearts and souls.

For some, they’d rather feel nothing at all.

So don’t judge. 

Talk.  Try to understand.

Offer to go down into the darkness with them.

Offer them some light.

***(yes I know that some meds can regulate serious mental illness…that isn’t what I am talking about here)