change room

If you find yourself in a change room trying on clothes, do the following:

1) Turn around so you are NOT facing the mirrors.

2) Put on the piece of clothing/outfit.

3) Close your eyes, and ask yourself….is this comfortable?  Is it pinching or tight anywhere?  Is the fabric soft?  Does anything annoy me about how it FEELS to wear this?

NOTE: If you determine at this stage that it is NOT comfortable, take it off without looking in the mirror.  If it looks good but isn’t comfy, you might be tempted to still buy it….but you will probably never wear it.

4) If you determine that it is comfortable, keep your eyes closed and turn around to face the mirrors.  Make sure your posture is comfortable…the way you usually stand.

5) Open your eyes and don’t move.

6) If you like what you see, then consider buying it.  I won’t say “buy it”….because I don’t know if it fits into your wardrobe, if you can afford it, etc.  That is up to you to decide!

This way of trying on clothes will save you a lot of unnecessary purchases.

We usually try stuff on while looking at the mirror….and we focus too much on how it looks right away, rather than how it feels. 

We also stand straighter, suck in our gut, put our shoulders back to see the outfit in its ‘best light’…..

…when in reality we might slouch – which means that what we are seeing in the mirror isn’t how people will see us when we wear this outfit in real life.  That is why we have to stand with our eyes closed so we find a comfortable stance, then quickly open them.

THIS is what people would see every day.

Do you still like it?

Extra Note: If after 3 different pieces of clothing everything seems to look “bad”, just walk away.  Some days are just bad days to try on clothes!