In honour of Thanksgiving in Canada today,

I would like you to make a list of 5 people you need to thank TODAY.

Maybe they helped you out recently, showed kindness or inspired you.  Maybe it happened a while ago, but the effects stayed with you.

You have 24 hours to contact them in some way and clearly let them know why you are thanking them and why you appreciate who they are or what they did. 

AT LEAST one has to be by phone or in person…..! (Leaving a voice mail doesn’t technically count but it is still awesome)

If you really want to challenge yourself, try a variety of ways of saying thanks:

  • in person
  • by phone
  • by text
  • through social media
  • by email
  • make a poster for them (great for kids or even coworkers)
  • get them a card (or make them a card)
  • bring it up in a meeting
  • skywriting
  • interpretive dance

So there is your mission.  Don’t just feel gratitude, show gratitude.

Go make your list and get moving!  You only have one day!

Thanks for reading……I appreciate it!