If you can’t seem to think of what ‘dream job’ you should be moving towards,

just focus on your ‘dream work environment’.

What kind of people work there?

Are they in offices? A big open space?  A warehouse?  A hospital or school?  Outside?  Overseas?

Or do you work alone?

What kinds of things are they working on (things that you are interested in)?  Sports?  Helping seniors or children with disabilities? Art or music?  World News?  Trees and flowers?  Health and medicine?  Marketing and advertising?  Cool products for people to buy?

If you write down the characteristics of your perfect work environment, you might be able to imagine the kinds of “jobs” that would fit within that mold.

You don’t have to be the rock star….maybe you could also consider music producer, musician, roadie, promoter, songwriter….

Sometimes just being in “that world” will bring us happiness.

Surrounded by people who share our interests and passions.

If we put all of our eggs into imagining our “dream job”,

we miss out on discovering all of the other fantastic jobs that exist in real life.