If you are a boss or supervisor for a team of workers…it might be a good time to evaluate how well you are doing.

Ask the staff to send you answers to the following question:

“If you were in my job/position, what would you do differently?”

This will give you good feedback without making people feel they are criticizing you.

If they make suggestions that relate to being nicer or more open or more fun…they are saying you need to improve your interpersonal skills.

If they have suggestions that would benefit the organization, they might give you good ideas!  They might even become leaders among your staff – good strategic thinkers.

Their answers – even the nit-picking (better coffee!) and fantasy (give us full pay to only work one day a week!) ones will give you clues as to how happy they are, how respected they feel, and where there needs to be improvement.

A good supervisor is humble enough to admit when improvements can be made.

If improvements come through employee suggestions, they might be less likely to leave and they might become more productive.  Which makes you look good as a supervisor!