love liver

I recently completed a 5 phase nutritionally-based liver cleanse with a little homeopathy thrown in.  It was a group based guided cleanse, with online tutorials every Monday night.  It was pretty awesome.

By the end of the 4 weeks I had lost 6 pounds, had way more energy, my torso looked leaner and I had less cravings and moodiness.

Christmas holidays kind of derailed me, but I plan to use what I learned in the cleanse to start eating healthier again.

I had no idea I was being such a jerk to my liver.

I had no idea how much the liver is responsible for….and how much it is connected to all of the things that plague me: excess weight around my midsection, moodiness, headaches, fatigue, skin problems, digestive issues and sleep disturbances!

You wouldn’t think they are related, but they are.  CRAZY!

Here are some of the things I learned on my cleanse that I will never forget:

  • Olive oil is only healthy at room temperature.  When you heat it up, it changes its molecular structure and becomes unhealthy.  If you want to use oil in cooking, buy yourself a lovely tub of pure virgin coconut oil.  It looks like lard but it smells of delicious coconut, is super healthy and has so many uses and benefits that you should just Google it.  It melts really quickly in the pan and gives everything this delicious taste……mmmmm.  From now on, it is only olive oil in dressings for me and coconut oil when cooking.
  • Fruit juice is bad for you.  Yes, even when you squeeze it yourself with no added sugar.  Basically, fruit are perfect – just as they are.  In their original form, they contain sugars which taste amazing but also are perfectly balanced with fibre and vitamins and other things that benefit your body and ensure that your blood sugar levels stay pretty consistent as you digest everything.  When you squeeze the fruit to just drink the juice/sugars and leave behind all of the “meaty” parts, you lose the balance.  Your body just gets the sugar side and has nothing to counteract it.  Your blood sugar and insulin levels go all wacky.  Forget the juices.  All juices.  Smoothies are fine because you are eating the whole thing.   Just eat the damn fruit.
  • One of the best things you can do for your health and how you feel is to have a big glass of lemon water first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything else.
  • A lot of issues derive from us just being dehydrated.  Your thirst response easily gets weak when you don’t drink enough water….which is why some people who only drink coffee say they don’t get thirsty all day.  If you start drinking and sipping water on a regular basis throughout your day, your ability to feel thirsty will suddenly come back.  For awhile, you will feel like you are thirsty all of the time and can’t get enough water!  That is your body trying to regulate itself….as if it just woke up from a deep sleep.  Go with it!  You need water.  You probably get headaches, feel tired and eat too much because you are dehydrated.  And just because something  is a liquid, don’t think it is a water substitute.  Anything that your body doesn’t need to filter and separate is best: that’s clean water.  Adding lemon is good because it makes your body more alkaline.  Google that, too.
  • You need to eat a lot of fiber to keep your colon exercising and happy.  Don’t get it in powder form….eat it through things such as fruit, certain vegetables, avocados, beans, seeds….if you don’t give your colon regular exercise it will get heavy (when things aren’t moving along) and lazy.  Then it will squish the organs below it (small intestine, reproductive organs, etc).  Then you will start to see symptoms relating to that problem – like painful periods!  Mind = Blown.

This was only the tip of the iceberg for me.  I learned so much – I highly recommend that you try a healthy cleanse and give your liver a break and a boost.

You might not realize how many of your “symptoms” were caused by how your liver was functioning and what you were eating.

You might not have realized how crappy you felt every day until you start feeling good!

Make this one of your New Years Resolutions: be a Liver Lover.


P.S. If you are interested in finding out more about the Liver Cleanse I did, visit and inquire about their Liver Cleanse program.  They are based out of Alberta, Canada but can ship the cleanse kit to almost anywhere…and the rest of the program is through a private Facebook support group and once a week online classes/chats!  Seriously – Kristi (who leads the classes) is so freaking smart and goofy that you will love her immediately!