yellow-flowers-sunshineA good way to prep yourself for resilience is to imagine different scenarios in your future –

even difficult circumstances…

…and “imagine yourself happy” in them.

Imagine yourself happy yet in a wheelchair.

After losing a spouse.

If you had to sell your house and move to a small apartment.

In a different job.

After losing one of your senses.

Or having experienced a traumatic event.

Our trouble is that we worry about bad things happening to us, but we always imagine that we are devastated.


Forever altered.  Unable to move forward.

Stuck in a place of anger and fear and regret.

What if we imagined a different story?  If it isn’t happening to us right now, we can imagine any outcome.

We can imagine ourselves getting through it.  Surviving.

We can imagine ourselves reaching out for help and accepting it.

We can imagine ourselves trying to see the positive, if possible.  Making jokes, if possible. Smiling, if possible.

We can imagine that after some time, we will find our strength.

We will be able to keep going.

Feel gratitude for all that we still have.

We will be able to feel the sunshine on our faces again.

If you decide to imagine yourself happy in the future,

and one day you find yourself in that situation,

maybe your brain will help you get to a place of gratitude.

Because in your mind…

…you have been there before.