Don’t be angry if your kids want to watch the same movies over and over.

Part of why they do it is because the movie makes them happy, which is a feeling they want to recreate.

The other part is that they often don’t know “what will happen next” in their lives.  They live fully in the present, and don’t have the same sense of time that we have.  To them, the world is pretty unpredictable and they are at the whim of the adults around them.

When they watch a movie they have seen before, it makes them feel peaceful and calm – because for that period of time, they know what happens next all of the time.  They have certainty and are able to predict outcomes and consequences…which can make them feel knowledgeable and in control of their world (if only for 90 minutes).

For some kids, changes and uncertainty can be very upsetting and stressful.  Watching their favorite movie (again) can help them relax, maybe even make them smile and laugh.

Don’t we all want that?