The other day, I asked myself:

What if your belly button is your connection to the secrets of the universe?

Point A: For the first 9 months of your life, your belly button was your only connection to an outside world.  Through the umbilical cord, it was your link to the outer “universe”, to an unknown being that created you, loved you, nurtured you and knew a heck of a lot more than you.  Some of her “secrets” (immunity, hormones, vitamins, minerals, etc.) were gifted to you via this connection.  Then you were born, the umbilical cord was cut, a little nubbin was left behind….and people never mentioned its’ magic again.

What was once feeding the umbilical cord was no longer in use, so it shriveled up behind your belly button and became a bit of fibrous tissue and a piece that still stayed connected to your liver.  Yet perhaps these little leftover pieces still contained something special…a leftover “open” connection to something greater…..?

Point B: A lot of martial arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and eastern spirituality focus on the navel area as a powerful center.

Point C: There is a former piece still attached to your liver.  In the Taoist roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the Hun or Ethereal Soul is located in the liver – and this is what holds our life purpose and enables it to be fulfilled.  They also believe it is this spirit that lives on after our bodies have passed.  In holistic medicine, it is believed that liver health is directly connected to emotional health as well.

Point D: We have always been told that intuition lies in “listening to our gut”.

Based on all of these points, it makes me wonder if we are connected to the universe / God / spirituality / something greater through….our belly button region.


Okay, maybe you aren’t convinced.

Or maybe you now believe that God has always been sending you messages of love through your “outie” but nobody believed you until now.

Either way, I hope it will make for some interesting dinner conversation today.