Brace yourselves.

I have thighs that touch each other then I stand up straight.  And I don’t care.

If you are in the same boat, then I know you dread summer – and not just for the fact that your shorts ride up as you walk (gawd).

(step, step, step, YANK….step, step, step, YANK….)

This handy tip is for those hot days when you might be wearing a skirt,

and walking around + sweatiness + thighs rubbing together = thrash.

(my sister and I have coined this phrase to combine the words “thighs” and “rash”.  You know, when the friction starts to cause chafing on a hot summer day….or really any day….sigh)

For days like this,

before you leave the house, rub deodorant/antiperspirant on your inner thighs.


As long as you use a stick and not a gel one… will create a nice smooth barrier and eliminate friction.  Bonus points for the fact that it also reduces sweating and smells nice!

It sounds weird, but it works.

I actually get a separate “pit stick” for summer time that I use specifically for “non-pit” parts…..thighs when I am wearing skirts or dresses, lower back, under the underwire, bottoms of my (clean) feet before I go out in sandals……anywhere you don’t want to get all sweaty and gross and stinky.

Do what you can…to prevent thrash.

You’ll thank me later!