If you are using a passage from the Old Testament (Leviticus) to justify your lack of love and support for LGBTQ people,

but say in the next breath that you “love and follow Jesus” then you are living a very confused life, in my opinion.

From what I understand, terrible things like having to marry your rapist, requests to sacrifice children and stoning people to death were present in the books of the Old Testament.

Old Testament, old ways of thinking.

Then Jesus came along and told people they were wrong, and his teachings became the New Testament.

When people tried to do things “the old way”, Jesus stepped in and basically said “Whoa…….not cool.  We shouldn’t be doing that stuff anymore.  If any of you are so perfect that you have never done anything wrong…then go ahead and throw the first stone.  But I am guessing you all make mistakes and so let’s forgive this person, help them learn from their mistakes and move on.”

Jesus didn’t want you following the Old Testament ways anymore.

He wanted you to care about the poor, love everyone and show kindness to anyone you meet.

He never said “love and care about everyone…..except for gay people.  Or trans people.  Or those who are trying to figure out their hearts and their place in this world.”

He loved everyone, saw the goodness of their souls, and wanted all people to do the same.

Statistically speaking, around 10% of the population is lesbian, gay or bisexual.

I’m just going to throw this out there, but Jesus had 12 disciples.

Statistically, one of them might have even been gay.  If that is so, Jesus never mentioned it because he was cool with it.  It was not a big deal.

He didn’t care who you loved, as long as you loved.

If you call yourself a Christian, you need to love as Jesus loved.

That means everyone, NO EXCEPTIONS.