If we censor movies/tv for sex and sensuality because we are worried that young people will see it, be influenced by it and try it…

but then don’t censor for extreme violence,

what does that say about us?


Why do we assume that young people will act out sexual scenes and not violent ones?

Are we giving them the message that it is “less bad” to behave violently than to be sexual?


Knowing this, why are we so surprised when a young person takes a gun to school to exact revenge?

Or attacks someone instead of talking to them?

Or sexually assaults someone – because they saw it in video games or movies,

and has rarely seen scenes depicting healthy, respectful romantic relationships?


Almost all of us will be in a romantic relationship at least once in our lives.  Almost all of those relationships will include intimacy and sexuality.  Statistically speaking, this is a life skill most of us will need to learn.

On the other hand, we could go our entire lives without needing to resort to violence.

Why are we using “entertainment” as a way to teach young people to kill,

instead of teaching them to love?