Sunshiney day

If you are struggling because your belief system and your knowledge of science seem contradictory, hear this:  Believing in evolution doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t believe in God.

Maybe believing in evolution means that you believe in the most amazing, incredible God ever….one who had literally all the time in the universe and was curious enough to get us started, nudge us along, then allow us to grow as organisms.  He must be fascinated by all that has happened since that first moment.

This, I believe, is also a fundamental truth about God.  He wants us to grow.  As a species and as individuals.  He wants us to learn as much as we can, to teach as much as we can, and to love as much as we can.

That is also a form of evolution.

Growing to become better.  To learn from our mistakes.  To seek greater truths and share our ideas with others.  To respect nature and our bodies and all we have created ourselves….while also acknowledging all we have destroyed.  Becoming better.

Not wealthier, more technologically advanced, or judgmental.

Better people.

People who are open to the idea that they may have to change and adapt to situations as necessary in order to grow.