Rainbow flag

While I appreciate all that Dan Savage and friends have done to support LGBTQ youth who are struggling and being bullied,

I still have issue with the “It Gets Better” project.


Because I don’t want to tell them to wait it out, endure the suffering and be patient.

Time is very different for young people – one month can seem like a year, a year can seem like an eternity.

When you are an adult, your world is large and busy and scheduled.  Time flies by as you fulfill your various responsibilities…for us a month or 6 months or a year seem to go by quickly.

I don’t like the idea of telling a youth who may be bullied, depressed and possibly suicidal to look into the future when their lives will possibly be easier.

I want us to make their lives easier now.

I want more GSA’s (Gay/Straight Alliance groups) in schools and communities.

I want more school counselors to have rainbow safe space stickers on their office doors.

I want more info sessions about the LGBTQ population at teachers conventions.  With mandatory attendance.

I want community options readily available if a queer youth is rejected by their family – so they can immediately stay somewhere safe and continue their education.  Note: There are many LGBTQ youth living on the streets simply because their “loving” families threw them out for being who they are.

I want more communities to host a “Queer Prom” where LGBTQ youth from the area can attend and feel safe…bringing the date of their choice, dressing in the way that makes them feel most comfortable and happy, dancing with whoever they want to, and spending at least one fun evening in a completely supportive environment.

I want more public figures and celebrities to come out and let those youth know there is nothing wrong with them.

I want more allies to come out and say that bullying someone for being their true self is incredibly cruel.

I want people to learn about how indigenous communities once called people “two spirited” and celebrated the wisdom and beauty that came from them having strong connections to both the female and male energies.  These members of a community were revered because they were seen as having a greater connection to the whole universe.

I want more people to see that we are each born a wonderful mystery, and that our life goal is let our true self emerge.  And just like flowers in a garden, more unique that true self is, the more beautiful it is.

I don’t want to tell these kids that it gets better later in life.

I want to tell them that we can make it better for them today.